Transforming the core and face of construction…


Laura, founder of Dania is relentlessly passionate about transforming the core and face of construction through the message of strength and values. The message of abundance the message of purpose and empowerment. With over 10 years of industry experience, she is an intuitive leader who thrives in pressurised and challenging environments and fosters a collaborative, inspiring, analytical, creative working culture amongst colleagues, clients, and external stakeholders.

Laura’s visionary and strategic mind are the driving force behind Dania’s vision that a construction company can deliver the highest quality, safety, environmental and sustainability standards whilst enriching communities. We believe in  empowering our personnel in a truly meritocratic environment and bringing opportunities to demographics that are traditionally underrepresented in the construction industry

Laura leads by example; her personal philosophy, energy,  actions and attention to detail are an embodiment of her belief and shape the culture of the business.

Our Team

Dania’s team is unique to any other contractor of comparable size you will find in the industry today. With over 25 years’ experience working for some of the leading contractors in the UK, delivering a broad scope of construction activities, our team can execute what are traditionally considered to be the works of ‘small’ contractors but with the skills, knowledge, systems and experience of a main contractor. We understand our clients’ needs and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and exceed, providing services that achieve excellence in our standards of health, safety, quality, environment, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, commercial and financial control.

Our team’s attitude and collaborative approach builds our credibility, creating an everlasting and successful legacy.