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We provide specialist services in commercial and domestic contracts for groundworks, hard landscaping including paving, edging, modular and bonded surfaces, reinforced concrete slabs , soft landscaping, footpath cross overs, bellmouth access and general streetworks excavations and reinstatement.

We are inspiring the greatness that is within us all.

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"We pride ourselves on our deep, distinctive holistic approach that will ultimately change the course of someone’s thinking, thus change their life".

Our Growth Mindset Legacy

Dania’s vision of transforming the core of the construction industry through the message of values and empowerment stems from a deep purpose and commitment that Dania is here to create. Enriching the communities is at the forefront of our objectives, we believe that with one-to-one support and mentoring we can develop the next generation of future leaders. Dania offers career support and advice on pathways into the construction industry.

We deliver a deeper understanding on thought patterns, attitudes, habitual and behavioural effects. We adopt a coaching method to our mentoring programme which delivers tools such as clarity in direction, goal setting, and growth mindset development. We go beyond ‘Social Value’, we pride ourselves on our deeply distinctive holistic approach that will ultimately change the course of someone’s thinking, thus change their life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know they can be, do, and have all they want.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

We monitor the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations allowing us to implement emissions reduction plans which target the activities which are the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint.


Stakeholder Management

Our team possess a varied range of expertise and skills for stakeholder management. We identify and analyse our stakeholders thus creating a bespoke plan addressing their needs for each contract.



Our strategic, holistic, approach from meeting our clients to tendering, planning, and delivering with excellence means we are proactive and always looking for ways to innovate to provide the ultimate solution for our clients and stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

Following our bespoke stakeholder analysis, we dissect our research and create a stakeholder engagement plan that is reflective of their requirements, thus enabling the smooth and harmonious implementation of our engagement plan. Dania’s team will strategically create a plan that fulfills the needs of the stakeholders thus generating engagement within the targeted areas, we may utilise appropriate media platforms and targeted community forums to ensure a positive, collaborative, dialogue with clear and efficient communication.

Client Focused

Team Dania adopt a client focused approach, providing client satisfaction throughout the life cycle of a project. We deliver an excellent service and experience for our clients, fostering a collaborative, problem solving attitude and adaptability in any situation.

We are always looking for ways to improve our high quality standards, executing solutions safely, efficiently and successfully for our clients.

Health & Safety Team

Health and safety is at the forefront of all we do. Our H&S director has developed an occupational health and safety management system that is aligned with the requirements of the ISO45001: 2018 standard to guarantee the provision of adequate resources and management procedures to deliver on our policy commitments.

We identify and mitigate occupational health and safety risks and drive continual improvements in our high standards for Health and Safety management through a rigorous internal auditing program, providing assurance that our policy commitments and management standards have been met.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is free from harm and promotes wellbeing. Dania provides a working environment that enables everyone to go home safe and well every day.

"We respect the communities we are working with and the environment in which they live".


We are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of our activities through the application of environmental management systems and procedures. Through continuous improvement and reporting of our direct and indirect impacts, we monitor and improve upon our environmental performance. This is achieved through:

  • Identifying aspects of our environment affected by our activities and implementing control measures to mitigate their impacts.
  • Conducting our activities with proper regard to the protection of the environment.
  • Sourcing all timber on our projects from FSC/PEFC sources and maximising the recycled content of other materials wherever product specifications allows.
  • Favouring products with sustainability credentials (BES6001, Environmental Product Declarations, etc) wherever possible when procuring materials.
  • Identifying and complying with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements and codes of practices.
  • Maximising the percentage of waste diverted from landfill.
  • Reducing volumes of waste generated by our activities by reusing materials, engaging with suppliers to reduce packaging and planning of procurement to reduce wastage (e.g. offcuts), considering alternative construction methodologies where they may result in a reduction of waste generated (e.g. off -site fabrication, trenchless excavation techniques).
  • Communicating with local communities to minimise any disturbance caused by our works.
  • Ensuring that our staff have a good understanding of the environmental impacts of our business and what is expected of them to minimise these impacts.
  • Monitoring our carbon emissions, analysing our year -on -year performance via key performance indicators and implementing action plans to reduce emissions associated with activities with the greatest contribution to our overall carbon footprint.