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Dania Construction Ltd conducts all of its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Dania is committed to making sustainability of the environment an integral part of our business strategy and values.

Management and staff will help achieve the company’s aims by:

  • Promoting company processes and initiatives that protect the environment and prevent pollution wherever possible.
  • Being aware of how our activities impact upon the environment and by seeking to manage an effective waste system, with continuous monitoring and reduction of our overall waste streams.
  • Complying with our legal and statutory responsibilities and meeting our compliance obligations.
  • Striving for continuous improvement by setting, monitoring, and meeting our environmental objectives.
  • Actively promoting recycling with our clients, supply chain and the wider community.
  • Reusing materials where possible to reduce our consumption of resources.
  • Procuring recyclable or sustainable products wherever practicable
  • Educating staff in environmental issues and the implementation of our environmental policy and processes.
  • Conserving energy and resources to minimise all forms of pollution. This includes energy efficiency within the offices, the use of public or shared transport where possible and utilizing renewable or low carbon energy sources.
  • Working with clients and designers to identify alternative materials and working methodologies that can be implemented to improve product sustainability while meeting client’s product specification
  • Working with suppliers and companies who are equally committed to resource conservation and wider environmental and sustainability issues and by demonstrating responsiveness to the environmental concerns of neighbours and communities where we operate.

Dania Construction Ltd will communicate and implement this environmental policy throughout the organisation through staff induction and training.

Managing Director

Laura Tarjuman