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The purpose of a work safe policy is to ensure that all employees, company personnel are aware of the manner in which Dania Construction Limited promotes the right of personnel to stop working, should they consider the working environment, or a working practice to be unsafe.

All personnel must play their part in implementing this policy if safety standards are to constantly improve.

Dania actively encourage personnel to raise safety issues that come to their attention, every member of Dania and our sub-contractors working on any of our projects has the right to decline to carry out work if they feel it is unsafe to do so

If an individual believes that a task or condition will endanger either themselves or others, work should cease, and the situation be immediately reported to the person in charge.

If personnel still believe an issue has not been resolved satisfactorily they can contact the Dania Health and Safety advisor who will assess the situation and offer alternative advice and guidance.

No work should be recommenced until the issue or issues causing concern have been addressed.

Managers are also encouraged to report any unsafe acts or conditions which they have witnessed.

Procedural arrangements are in place within the Company safety management system to implement this policy and as such are reviewed on a continuous basis.

Where opportunities for improvement in safety standards or safety problems are identified, they will be tackled promptly, with sufficient resources, to ensure that they are adequately dealt with.

Managing Director

Laura Tarjuman