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In the conduct of its business operations, Dania Construction Ltd will ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its personnel. Our commitment to the achievement of health, safety and wellbeing excellence is fundamental to the success of the business. We aim to achieve this by identifying and managing the risk of injury and health hazards for all staff and sub-contractors affected by our activities and to continually improve safety performance.

The Company seeks to prevent, by all practical means, the number of accidents, dangerous incidents and hazards to health and safety by ensuring that the necessary organisation, equipment and training is provided to fulfil this obligation.

To meet our commitment to maintain the highest standards in H&S management Dania Construction Ltd will ensure that:

  • Dania’s team provides the necessary leadership to ensure an effective management structure is established and maintained.
  • We continually work towards the goal of zero major accidents / incidents.
  • Competent health and safety personnel and effective arrangements are in place to meet the commitments made in this policy statement.
  • We maintain the principles incorporated in the relevant legislation to ensure the safest systems of work are adopted.
  • Through consultation and joint involvement, all Dania’s personnel and sub-contractors are fully aware of their safety responsibility’s and comply with Dania’s safety policy and procedural arrangements.
  • All employees and sub-contractors are fully aware and comply with the company’s requirements, perform their job in a safe manner and understand their safety responsibility’s.
  • We monitor the continuing relevance of management systems and procedures, and introduce identified improvements where practicable.
  • We provide adequate and appropriate plant and personnel protective equipment and ensure that such equipment is correctly used, duly maintained, and safely stored.
  • All statutorily reportable accidents, incidents, and near misses are reported to the relevant national H&S enforcing body.
  • Through root-cause investigation, ensure lessons are learned and procedures amended and improved upon as appropriate.
  • We engage with clients, contractors, and suppliers to deliver a high standard of health and safety performance.
  • We annually review this policy to ensure ongoing relevance and improvement.

An effective Health & Safety Policy and Management System requires the full co-operation of all the Dania’s personnel, all are required to read this policy and accept their own personal responsibility for health, safety and wellbeing of all at work.

Managing Director

Laura Tarjuman