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Dania Construction Ltd recognises the importance of operating in a responsible and sustainable way. The key driver of our Corporate Responsibility approach is a commitment to strive to positively impact the environment, local communities and stakeholders while providing services to the highest standards – we aim to fulfil the role of a good corporate citizen that takes responsibility for the impacts of our activities and enriches the communities and environments that we work in.

We believe that we should never stop looking for opportunities to make the world and local communities a better place for everyone.

This statement summarises our key commitments and areas of focus that our top management have identified as key to maintaining our ethos of delivering social value with everything we do as a core value of Dania.


Community engagement will be actively pursued in all localities we work in, starting with respecting the communities we operate in and showing proper consideration to anyone who may be affected by our operations by planning and managing works to cause a minimum disruption.

We will seek opportunities to engage with the community by visiting local community hubs to promote STEM initiatives and pathways into the construction industry, providing employment opportunities for local residents wherever possible and working with local secondary and higher education organisations to provide opportunities for apprenticeships and training wherever possible.

We will engage with local charities to identify opportunities to fundraise and to support their activities where possible.

We will seek to support local businesses by incorporating them into our supply chain, bringing financial benefits to the communities we work in.


Our people are our greatest asset as a company accordingly we will provide a meritocratic working environment where employees are encouraged to grow and develop their talents through mentoring programmes and training and development programmes.

We will seek untapped talent from groups that are underrepresented in the construction industry to actively promote and increase diversity in our workforce.

Environment & Sustainability

We recognise the impact, both positive and negative we as a company can have on the environment. We will fulfil our duty of protecting the environment and delivering our works in a sustainable manner by identifying the environmental impacts of all our activities. We will implement management controls to prevent, reduce and mitigate these impacts.

We will source all of our materials responsibly, ensuring that all timber is purchased from FSC/PEFC suppliers. We will seek to utilise re-used and recycled materials wherever possible and will seek opportunities to eliminate waste generated by our activities and divert waste from landfill.

We will actively look for opportunities to bring ecological gains to the areas we work in, through innovations in construction methodology, materials and the incorporation of environmental enhancements to our finished products and services.

Managing Director

Laura Tarjuman