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Dania Construction Ltd is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct and integrity. We recognize that the giving or receiving of bribes is contrary to the Bribery Act 2010 (the Act) and will play no part in the way in which our business is conducted.

This policy also applies to Dania Construction Limited’s supply chain, partners (including agents), advisers, consultants & sub-contractors.

To achieve this we will:

  • Conduct our business fairly, honestly and openly.
  • Not offer money, gifts, hospitality or other advantage to any person carrying out a business or public role, or any party associate in order to get them to do something.
  • Prohibit employees, officers, directors from offering, making or facilitating payments to any one including but not limited to foreign public officials with the intention of influencing them to our business advantage.
  • Ensure any employee found to be in breach of the principals will face disciplinary actions according to our disciplinary procedure.
  • Require every employee including directors to declare any benefits they are offered or accepted to their line managers.
  • Avoid doing business with others who do not commit to conducting business without bribery.
  • No employee will suffer demotion, penalty or other adverse consequences for refusing to pay or accept bribes even if it may result in Dania Construction Ltd losing business.

The Act guiding this policy (Bribery Act 2010) creates a framework of five criminal offences:

  • Giving, promising and offering of a bribe. 
  • Agreeing to receive or accept a bribe. 
  • Bribing a foreign official. 
  • Failure by a commercial organisation to prevent bribery. 
  • A senior officer of a commercial organisation consenting to, or conniving in the act of bribery. 

Dania considers any breach of this policy as a serious offence. Any violation will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal of an individual in appropriate circumstances.

Compliance with this policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it is suitable, effective and consistently implemented.

Managing Director

Laura Tarjuman