Transforming the core and face of construction…

Wellbeing Project

Start Date: August 2023

Duration: 9 Weeks

Acciona Wellbeing Space

Description of Works:

We were appointed by Acciona to design and deliver a wellbeing space for the employees and sub contractors at Acciona who are Principal Contractor on the North London Heat and Power Project.

We designed and are in the process of delivering the proposal that focuses on meeting the following key objectives:

  • A space that would be energising for employees to relax on their breaks.
  • The wellbeing space has been carefully designed with bespoke seating to create privacy from the nearby car park.
  • The bespoke seating has finishings with a grey shower proof cushioning to provide support and comfort.
  • The seating has been bespoke designed with the shrubs planted at the back of the seats to increase morale and creating a divide.
  • The space is enhanced by natural elements of trees and shrubs to reduce mental and physical stress, anxiety, and improve moods.
  • The trees lower our blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and make us feel calm and happy therefore we have introduced ever green trees.
  • The seats have been designed with sockets to allow users to charge their phones and devises while resting outside.
  • The proposal creates areas of interaction amongst one another.
  • We have also provided a made in Italy football table which allows the staff to play together and allow for some healthy competition.
  • The wellbeing space is inclusive and accessible to all users.
  • Our Proposal has minimal maintenance costs.                                 Stay tuned for progress photos and launch of new wellbeing space.